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All Weather Candles Manufacturer:

Lumada d.o.o.
Tacenska cesta 123a
SI - 1000 Ljubljana

tel: +386 (0)590 29992
fax: + 386 (0)590 29989
  All Weather Candles achieved an extremely high sales increase immediately after they were introduced. This came as no surprise since they have a number of advantages compared to other candles:
A long operating period
Compared to other ordinary and electronic candles, All Weather Candles flicker 5 to 25 times longer.
Weather insensitivity
All Weather Candles flicker in any type of weather. They resist even the strongest wind and heaviest rain.
You can always leave your home without having to worry because these All Weather Candles are absolutely fire-safe.
All Weather Candles trademark is already well known and accepted on several markets.

Easy maintenance
All Weather Candles are environment friendly, are easy to handle and leave no stains behind.

Lumada d.o.o. from Slovenia is looking for future business partners - importers and distributors of
All Weather Candles from all around the world.

  If you would like to become our partner, please contact us.

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